Summer Water Safety Tips for Pet Parents

Summertime means relaxing in the sun with your pet. When the warm weather in McConnellsburg, PA demands a cooldown, use these tips from Peck Insurance Agency to keep your dog safe in aquatic environments.

  • Leave the leash. Small dog owners think having a leash attached to their pet while they’re walking next to waterways will help them pull their pet to safety if they accidentally slip into the water. However, it is just as likely that your pet will pull you in too. Skip the leash when you’re on the water to prevent yourself from falling victim to your pup’s enthusiasm.
  • Check the water before you let your dog go. Inspect the area surrounding your chosen spot. Look for signs of danger like potentially poisonous plants, broken bottles or other things that can pierce little paws, and harmful trash left behind by previous visitors.
  • Talk to your vet before embarking. For those planning camping trips or visits to nature-based destinations, talk to your vet about ways to protect your pup from waterborne illnesses that can threaten their health. You may also want to get their vaccinations updated or purchase another dose of flea and tick repellant.
  • Don’t force your dog to do anything they aren’t comfortable doing. It’s a common assumption that all dogs are good swimmers. This is not true. If your dog is nervous about getting in the water, respect their feelings and do not throw them into the water.
  • Use bright, reflective objects. Keep your pup close to you at all times. Consider tying swatches of bright fabric to their collars to make it easier to identify your dog from far away.

Finally, make sure your pet insurance is up to date before you hit the road. Peck Insurance Agency provides pet insurance for families in the McConnellsburg, PA area. Contact our representatives for more information on keeping your pets safe this summer.

What Does Farm Insurance Cover?

For those that have farms, it is very necessary to have insurance to help protect your farm. Knowing what your farm insurance policy covers can mean the difference between a policy that works for you and one that may not cover all the bases. For those that live in the McConnellsburg, PA area, the agents with Peck Insurance Agency can help.

Farm insurance first and foremost covers things like farm buildings that are essential to the running of a farm. Things like the barn, the warehouses or storehouses for product and farm equipment, and other buildings that are essential to the running of your farm are all going to be covered. Also, animals or livestock that are on the farm is also going to be covered. Say you run a dairy farm, the cows would be covered on your policy with the other elements of your farm that are going to be covered. Work animals may also be covered.

Other things that are covered like crops are also going to be included. On farms where the crop is the main mode of making money, the crop is going to be covered in case it does not grow well, is destroyed, or is otherwise damaged to the point it cannot be sold. Other things that are included are things like tractors and other equipment that is necessary for operations and for the farm to keep running as well as potentially other machines like combines and other equipment that is necessary for the running of the farm. For those that live in the McConnellsburg, PA area, the agents with Peck Insurance Agency can help you find the farm policy that covers all aspects of your farm and protects you fully and completely in any instance.

What You Need to Know Before Boating Season Starts

Boating season is a fun time for the entire family. In order to make sure that your family can enjoy the boating season in a safe way, keep in mind the following points from Peck Insurance Agency in McConnellsburg, PA. 


The best way to make sure that your boating season is fun and safe is to stay on top of maintenance issues. A little preventive maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you are not a mechanic yourself, you will want to hire an onboard engine mechanic to give your boat a full checkup. An engine check and a tune-up will also put your fuel economy at the most efficient. Your boat should be thoroughly checked for any damage that may have taken place during the winter. 

Navigation Lights

Navigation lights are crucial to the safety of your boat. Navigation lighting should be checked regularly. It is important to note that not only can you get into trouble if you ignore this important chore, but you will also increase your chances of having an accident. 

Trailer Maintenance

This is also a good time to take a look at your trailer maintenance. Your trailer is also important because it is your means of transporting your boat. Trailer lights and wheels should be checked for safety and functionality. 

Life Jackets

Make sure that your boat is stocked sufficiently with life jackets. If you plan on having guests on your boat, this is critical to long term safety and enjoyment of your boat. You should never forget that, as the boat owner, you are responsible for the safety of everyone you invite aboard. Providing life jackets and safety instructions to your guests are crucial to the long term enjoyment of your boat. 

If you would like to speak with someone about boat safety and insurance, please contact our friendly staff at Peck Insurance Agency in McConnellsburg, PA. 

Choosing a Health Insurance Policy

Having a health insurance plan in McConnellsburg, PA is necessary in order to protect yourself from financial disaster because of an accident or illness. Whether you are covered through an employer or picking out your own coverage, you still will need to choose the right one to suit your needs. An agent at Peck Insurance Agency can help.

  • Compare Types of Health Insurance Plans: There are a lot of different plan acronyms you will see, including HMOs and PPOs. The type of plan you use will determine your out of pocket costs and which doctors you can see. Plans that are HMOs will make you see a primary care doctor before seeing a specialist. When looking at different options, look for a summary of benefits. Also, look at which clinics and doctors participate in the plan’s network. An HMO plan may be a good fit for you if you want a lower out of pocket cost, but a PPO may be right for you if you don’t want to have to get a referral and want more provider options.
  • Compare Health Plan Networks: When you go to an in-network doctor costs are cheaper, so if you have preferred doctors that you want to keep seeing make sure they are in the network. If you don’t already have a preferred doctor, you want a plan with a broader network, so you have more choices. This is especially important for rural communities so that you are more likely to find a doctor.
  • Compare Out of Pocket Costs: The plan’s summary of benefits will explain how much you will have to pay for services. It’s important to understand your deductible, copayments, and coinsurance so that you can see what you may have to pay in a year in addition to your premiums.

Contact Peck Insurance Agency, serving McConnellsburg, PA, to get a quote on health insurance. 


The Importance of Life Insurance

Foretelling the future is impossible. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow, let alone ten years down the road. However, with life insurance, you can at least know your family will be taken care of in the vent of something happening to you. It’s the last gift you can possibly give, and yet it will be there to provide for your family long after you are gone. At Peck Insurance Agency, there is an agent who can help provide you with all of the information you need regarding life insurance in McConnellsburg, PA. 

Financial Support When You Can’t Give It

When your time comes, you will no longer be able to provide financial support, outside of what you leave in the bank account. However, final medical expenses and funeral costs can cost your family tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. This may instantly wipe out whatever you had left in the bank account. With life insurance though, this money can provide for your family for years, if not the rest of your significant other’s life. 

Different Options Available

There are a number of life insurance policies available. It all comes down to what you’re interested in leaving and how much you’d like to pay a month. Life insurance coverage is an affordable form of insurance that ensures your family will always be taken care of. 

Life insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance coverage you can take out. It protects and provides for your family after you are gone. At Peck Insurance Agency, an agent is standing by, ready to help you with the right coverage for you and your family’s needs. So if you live in the greater McConnellsburg, PA area, now is the time to give the agency a call. 

Why Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

The myriad of risks facing businesses in McConnellsburg, PA justifies commercial insurance policies because, without coverage, your business may cease to exist. Commercial insurance isn’t absolute protection, but it can blunt the financial damages associated with litigation and liability.

Whether you operate a fleet of delivery trucks, a retail store, or a home-based jewelry business, your company is at risk of being sued. If you have company vehicles, accidents and other road hazards can result in financial liabilities your company isn’t prepared for. Commercial auto policies can mitigate that risk. Similarly, commercial property insurance protects your buildings, which may represent a large portion of your company’s net worth.

It’s hard to know what threats your business will face in the future. It is also hard to make sure employees are doing what they should be, all the time. As a result, commercial insurance is a must for peace-of-mind and the protection of the investment you’ve made in your business. It’s practical to get multiple types of commercial insurance and enough coverage to cover worst case scenarios.

Whether it’s professional liability insurance, a commercial umbrella policy or workers compensation insurance, Peck Insurance Agency representatives can get you the coverage you need to protect your business from multiple threats. The net result being a collection of insurance policies that reduce the risk of loss and financial calamity attributable litigation and liability.

For additional information on commercial insurance in McConnellsburg, PA, please contact the Peck Insurance Agency. Do not let your business face uncertainty in the face of litigation, and other risks, that endangers its financial well-being. Get a commercial insurance policy today.

3 Things to Know About Car Insurance

Whether you’re 16 with your first car or 60 and thinking about trading in your sports car for a luxury sedan, investing in auto insurance is one of the smartest moves you can make. Life is crazy and even if you consider yourself one of the best drivers in the world, you never know when someone else’s mistake could cost you a pretty penny. Having auto insurance provides great peace of mind in knowing you are covered when an accident happens. At the Peck Insurance Agency, we understand the vitality of insurance, and we’ve put together a list of three things you need to know about insurance in McConnellsburg, PA. 

Always read through your policy

There’s a good chance you don’t understand insurance jargon. Reading through your policy with a professional insurance agent can help you understand the exact terms and conditions of your coverage.

Always make payments on time

Another important aspect of auto insurance is to always make your payments on time. Missing a single payment could result in a lapse in coverage. For some people, a lapse in coverage can make it difficult to get insured again. 

You can add and remove drivers

One of the neatest things about auto insurance is you can add and remove drivers as needed. Take for example your sister is living with you for the summer and she’s going to be driving your car. You can add her for a period of three months and then have her removed once she moves out. 

Want to learn more about car insurance and how it can benefit you? If so, contact the Peck Insurance Agency serving the McConnellsburg, PA area. 


Moving on Up! Does Your Home Insurance Policy Protect all Your Valuables?

First, you bought a house in the suburbs of McConnellsburg, PA. Then, you picked up a home insurance policy from Peck Insurance Agency. Next, you got the big promotion and celebrated by popping open a nice bottle of wine and putting one away. But did you add it to your personal possessions inventory on your insurance policy? You should have.

Actual Cash Value Won’t Replace Your Valuables

Most likely when you bought the house, you opted for actual cash value in the section that would replace your personal possessions. This is fine when talking about a set of pots, pans, and your generic furniture bought at that big box store. However, actual cash value means that you will receive the current market value of a 10-year-old generic piece, not the real cost it would take to replace a collection of fine art and unique items. 

An Inventory helps to Recoup Your Real Losses

When you maintain an inventory of your valuables that includes assessed value, your home insurance will fully reimburse you for the expense of that case of wine. The collection of rare coins or stamps won’t just be lost to the wind if your McConnellsburg, PA home burns down. You do need to keep your inventory updated with each major investment that you make.

Insure Your Success, Not Just the House

Ultimately, when you are finally reaping the rewards of hard work, you need to take steps to protect your wealth. Your personal collections represent the sum of your efforts in a way that a standard home insurance policy simply will not. Sit down with your agent at Peck Insurance Agency and have a frank discussion about your possessions, their real value, and how to best protect your investments for a bright and comfortable future.

Pet Insurance: What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

Like people, pets have health needs. A pet insurance policy from Peck Insurance Agency in McConnellsburg, PA could help keep your pet healthier while reducing the cost of veterinary care. What kind of insurance coverage do you need for your pet? Here are a few plans to consider:


This plan helps pay for treatment of accidental injuries such as broken bones, sprains, burns, etc. If your dog gets hit by a car and breaks his leg, this policy will help cover the medical costs of getting him back on his feet.

Pet Wellness

Pet wellness plans help cover the cost of routine exams and treatments, vaccinations, and preventative flea and tick care. As a pet owner, you can take advantage of this plan to keep your pet in good health.

Time Limited Plans

Time-limited pet insurance plans help cover the cost of treatments for your pet up to the maximum monetary or time limit on your policy, depending on which came first. If your policy has a maximum monetary limit of $2,000 per condition and a maximum time limit of 12 months, your pet may receive treatments up to $2,000 or 12 months, whichever comes first. Further treatments, if necessary, would then come out of pocket. Due to the restrictions of time-limited plans, they are generally less expensive than other pet insurance policies.

Maximum-Benefit Plans

These plans work along the same line as time-limited plans, except there are no time restrictions on coverage. Treatments would continue until the monetary limits have been exhausted, after which you would pick up the cost of further treatment on your own.

Lifetime Plans

If your pet has a chronic illness, they could benefit from a lifetime plan which helps pay for ongoing treatments and costly surgeries for as long as necessary.

To learn more about pet insurance coverage and costs, contact Peck Insurance Agency in McConnellsburg, PA.

Does Basic Farm Insurance Cover the Loss of Crops or Livestock?

At Peck Insurance Agency, agents work with farmers in the McConnellsburg, PA area to help them find the right policy to cover their operation. Each farm venture is different and must have the right types of insurance in place to fully protect the farmer’s investments and livelihood.

Basic Farm Insurance

Basic farm insurance usually only covers the business aspect of things, such as general liability and accidents that involve the equipment. Business insurance covers various types of personal injury and property damage. It will also cover the primary person operating the business and any medical expenses that may be incurred while he or she is performing their duties. A basic farm policy will come with a complete listing of everything that is covered and will also detail what is not.

Crop and Livestock Insurance

To be fully protected, it’s imperative that you carry the right types of insurance. If you raise livestock, you would need an ample amount of livestock insurance to prevent financial loss if something happens to your herd. The same is true for crops. Many different types of crops are covered under crop insurance so you would have to make sure that the crop you raise is on the list. 

If you own a farming operation in the McConnellsburg, PA area and have questions about the type of policies you need or about an existing policy, call the agents of Peck Insurance Agency today. We can perform an insurance audit of your policies and help you find out what types of coverage you may be lacking. We will make sure your questions are answered as completely as possible, and your farm is fully protected.