Does Basic Farm Insurance Cover the Loss of Crops or Livestock?

At Peck Insurance Agency, agents work with farmers in the McConnellsburg, PA area to help them find the right policy to cover their operation. Each farm venture is different and must have the right types of insurance in place to fully protect the farmer’s investments and livelihood.

Basic Farm Insurance

Basic farm insurance usually only covers the business aspect of things, such as general liability and accidents that involve the equipment. Business insurance covers various types of personal injury and property damage. It will also cover the primary person operating the business and any medical expenses that may be incurred while he or she is performing their duties. A basic farm policy will come with a complete listing of everything that is covered and will also detail what is not.

Crop and Livestock Insurance

To be fully protected, it’s imperative that you carry the right types of insurance. If you raise livestock, you would need an ample amount of livestock insurance to prevent financial loss if something happens to your herd. The same is true for crops. Many different types of crops are covered under crop insurance so you would have to make sure that the crop you raise is on the list. 

If you own a farming operation in the McConnellsburg, PA area and have questions about the type of policies you need or about an existing policy, call the agents of Peck Insurance Agency today. We can perform an insurance audit of your policies and help you find out what types of coverage you may be lacking. We will make sure your questions are answered as completely as possible, and your farm is fully protected.