Pet Insurance: What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

Like people, pets have health needs. A pet insurance policy from Peck Insurance Agency in McConnellsburg, PA could help keep your pet healthier while reducing the cost of veterinary care. What kind of insurance coverage do you need for your pet? Here are a few plans to consider:


This plan helps pay for treatment of accidental injuries such as broken bones, sprains, burns, etc. If your dog gets hit by a car and breaks his leg, this policy will help cover the medical costs of getting him back on his feet.

Pet Wellness

Pet wellness plans help cover the cost of routine exams and treatments, vaccinations, and preventative flea and tick care. As a pet owner, you can take advantage of this plan to keep your pet in good health.

Time Limited Plans

Time-limited pet insurance plans help cover the cost of treatments for your pet up to the maximum monetary or time limit on your policy, depending on which came first. If your policy has a maximum monetary limit of $2,000 per condition and a maximum time limit of 12 months, your pet may receive treatments up to $2,000 or 12 months, whichever comes first. Further treatments, if necessary, would then come out of pocket. Due to the restrictions of time-limited plans, they are generally less expensive than other pet insurance policies.

Maximum-Benefit Plans

These plans work along the same line as time-limited plans, except there are no time restrictions on coverage. Treatments would continue until the monetary limits have been exhausted, after which you would pick up the cost of further treatment on your own.

Lifetime Plans

If your pet has a chronic illness, they could benefit from a lifetime plan which helps pay for ongoing treatments and costly surgeries for as long as necessary.

To learn more about pet insurance coverage and costs, contact Peck Insurance Agency in McConnellsburg, PA.